Transport for cats: what is the ideal way?

Do you know how to make the ideal cat transport ? If you’ve ever tried transporting your cat from one place to another, you may have already realized that this is not a very easy idea.

That’s because if the place you are transporting is not the most suitable, the chance of stress to the animal or even an accident with it are high, mainly because the animal will be scared.

So, for you to do it safely without generating any kind of stress and to be able to travel with your animal with peace of mind, you need to know how to put some important tips into practice.


What is the best way to transport a cat?

Even if your cat is tame and doesn’t show any kind of skittish behavior, if you want to take it with you somewhere, you need to know how to transport it.

That’s because it is wrong that carrying a cat from one side to another is a possible idea. Unless the animal is a puppy, which you can handle more easily, an adult animal is very difficult to handle.

If the cat does not have access to the street, it will probably be startled by the movement and noise. If he has access to the street, he will probably want to jump off your lap so he can go elsewhere.

The result of this can be a lot of unwanted scratches. Therefore, it is essential that every tutor has a transport box with him. This is the main object that will ensure that the animal is transported safely and without causing it to be scared.

What is the ideal size for a cat carrier?

The cat carrier should be a good size to fit the cat and make it comfortable inside. It is essential that the cat is able to move inside it while standing.

Therefore, the height of the box should be a little higher than that of the cat so that it can sit, lie down and rotate around its body without having difficulty doing so.

If the idea is to transport the cat to more distant places that need to take a plane, the transport box needs to have enough space so that the water and  food can be put together .

The wrong size crate can make your pet uncomfortable and stressed inside. If the distance between the cat’s locomotion is very large, this factor can be quite uncomfortable and harmful for the feline.

Can you take two cats in the same carrier?

Many people are in doubt whether it is possible or recommended to take two animals in the same box. But contrary to what many think, it is possible to take two cats inside the same cage, even more so if the two get along well.

But a few observations need to be made in this regard. The box must have enough space for both animals to be able to stand, lie down, sit and turn around.

When traveling by plane with animals, it is best to ask the airline if this is allowed. After all, each place has a different rule. Perhaps within a country this can be allowed, but when leaving it, it can be prevented.

Can a cat stay in a carrier for a long period of time?

Ideally, the cat should only stay inside the box for the period necessary for its transport. If the trip is long, it is important to stop somewhere so you can rest and let the animal move around a little.

This is because standing still for a long time in the same place can make the animal very stressed because it cannot move more than the box offers it.

How heavy is a cat carrier?

The ideal weight will depend on the size of the animal. There are cats of all sizes, some smaller and some larger. The weight of the animal can vary greatly, so the weight of the crate will depend on that.

Also, if you want to walk with two animals in the same space, you must make sure that the weight of the two animals together is enough for the crate to support.


How to choose a pet carrier?

To know which is the best cat transport box, you need to know the type of trip you need to take. For everyday situations, such as taking the cat to be vaccinated or to the vet, a domestic use box is ideal.

The box usually on the sides has some spaces for ventilation and vision of the animal , and a grid door for the same purpose.

For those who want to travel by car, the domestic box can be very exposed. So putting it in a box that has the most limited view is best. Thus, the spaces for ventilation are narrower, so that the cat is not startled by movement or sounds.

Now, the Gulliver model is ideal for those who want to take longer trips. This is because the box has wheels, which facilitates the transport of the animal that does not need to be carried by the suitcase handle.

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