How to get the cat pee smell out of the litter box? FIND IT OUT!

If there’s one thing owners hate, it’s the smell of cat pee. Unfortunately, anyone who has a cat at home knows that the animal’s urine is something that bothers a lot.

Therefore, most tutors are always looking for tips, products and techniques to make this smell not uncomfortable, especially in a small house.

There are many questions about how to treat this point and make urine not something that causes problems in the environment. Read on to learn how to tackle this issue.

How to get rid of the smell of cat urine in the litter box?

Cats are one of the most hygienic animals out there and there is no doubt about it. Their fur is always clean and they always fulfill their needs in one place.

However, there is a big issue that bothers many tutors, which is the bad smell that urine leaves. And it’s not just the  owners who are bothered by this, the cats get irritated too.

This is because, as they are hygienic, they do not like to share space in dirty environments. Your well-being tends to be greatly shaken when your hygiene is compromised.

That’s why we’re going to help both you and your cat to get rid of the strong smell of feces and urine once and for all.

How to reduce cat urine odor?

First, one thing that greatly influences the issue of smell is the food that the cat has. This has a direct impact on the animal’s entire quality of life.

Therefore, investing in good nutrition ends up contributing to the cat’s intestinal and urinary health working well. Depending on the  type of food you feed your cat, it can make the poop and pee come out smelling less.

Always opt for rations and sachets with plenty of nutrients and that have less preservatives in the composition. Low quality feed doesn’t have many nutrients, which makes the cat’s body not absorb it very well.

The second most important point is the frequency of cleaning the litter box. By cleaning the cat’s box frequently, the bad smell will be less present.

The sand change can be done every week, as well as the washing of the box to avoid the accumulation of residues and the smell. Try to invest in wood sawdust “sand” as they absorb all the smell, disguising the place very well.

Low quality sand is also not good at containing odor. So if this is something that bothers you, invest a little more in this item.

Monthly invest in the complete cleaning of the place, with bleach and disinfectant.

What other tips are interesting?

Invest in litter boxes that are taller so that the sand is not thrown out when the cat digs the place and, if you can, invest in litter boxes that do automatic cleaning.

These boxes are even more interesting if you don’t have a lot of time at home to carry out frequent, daily cleaning . They are a little more expensive because they have more advanced technology.

But every time your cat performs its needs, it will automatically clean the box, collecting the waste that remains.


Why does cat urine smell so bad?

One of the reasons cat urine is stronger is that, unlike dogs, they don’t drink a lot of water during the day. For this reason, the volume of water is smaller and the amount of urea increases, and this is the main cause of bad odor in the environment.

Therefore, encouraging the cat to drink water is always a good idea to make the smell not so strong. One of the reasons why cats don’t drink as much water is because they like to always have fresh water nearby.

As the pot is still, sometimes the hot water or some residue makes the cat lose interest. One way to get around this is to invest in electric water sources, as they are always in motion, which can draw more attention from the cat.

What is the best sand to put in the box?

As we said, wood sawdust is an element that greatly inhibits the issue of odor. But if you want to test more options to see which one best fits and adapts to your daily life, try opting for:

  • Grains that absorb urine;
  • Which have a neutral pH;
  • Sands that change color for better cleaning;
  • Grains that form clods when in contact with the liquid.

Even investing in a high-quality material, if you want to ensure that the smell doesn’t spread, invest in an anti- odor additive to put in the box and eliminate the urine smell.

Investing in cleaning products for the house that also contribute to the inhibition of smell and the fight against bacteria is important to keep the place always fresh and free of bad smells.

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