With the help of gauze or a cotton pad moistened with water or saline solution , you can clean your cat’s eyes as a daily hygiene measure. It is advisable to avoid cotton balls, as they are a material whose particles can end up in the animal’s eye, which makes hygiene more harmful than beneficial.

There are many products on the market for cleaning cats’ eyes, but as we always recommend, it’s best to consult a veterinarian or specialist who can explain better than anyone else how to clean a cat’s eyes.

In this guide, we explain the best way to care for and clean your cat’s eyes to complement their hygiene and prevent any eye infections or more serious problems. In any case, any unusual change in the condition of your cat’s eyes is a good reason to take him to the vet, who will examine him and determine whether it is serious or not.

How do you remove a cat’s undergrowth?

A cat’s eyes often produce a lot of puffiness that accumulates at the ends of the eyeballs. In principle, this is perfectly normal , as is the case with human eyes, but if it appears in large quantities or with a strange color, it could be an eye infection.

If the cat itself is not able to remove the streaks through its own hygiene, you can give it a hand, cleaning its eyes. Eye cleaning should be done twice a week, although if the cat is brachycephalic , it would be ideal to clean its eyes every day because , due to its physiognomy, it tends to accumulate more dirt in its eyes than other cats.

To clean your cat’s eyes , you must be very careful, as your cat will feel uncomfortable and will do everything in their power to get out of your arms. To do this, it is best to follow our instructions, which will certainly make cleaning your cat’s eyes easier:

  • Limit your cat ‘s movements by wrapping him in a towel , avoiding sudden movements and squeezing him too much.
  • Hold the head to facilitate cleaning the eye, being very careful with the pressure you exert and taking into account that the cat will have difficulty getting out of the situation.
  • Moisten a sterile gauze or cotton pad with distilled water , saline solution or a specific solution for the health of your cat’s eyes and carefully clean the outside of the eye, never the inside, as this can do more harm than good.
  • Avoid using cotton fibers and tap water at all costs , as the former can leave particles in the animal’s eye and the latter can irritate it or cause another infection.
  • Use a gauze or cotton pad for each eye, never use the same one for both eyes , to avoid transferring the infection from one eye to the other healthy eye.
  • After cleaning, dry your eyes with a towel to remove any remaining serum or solution from your eyes or the rest of your coat.
  • Give him a reward when you’ve finished everything, so that he associates cleaning his eyes with that reward and, little by little, it will be easier to continue with his visual hygiene.

If what we want to know is how to clean a baby cat ‘s eyes , the procedure would be the same as with an adult cat , except it would have to be done much more gently. The good thing about doing this when they are so young is that they are easier to get used to and you won’t have too many problems in the future to continue cleaning your adult cat’s eyes.

How to clean a cat’s eyes with conjunctivitis?

It is very easy and common for a cat to get conjunctivitis . If your eyes are red, you have blemishes of a different color than usual and you have more and more, cry a lot and have difficulty keeping your eyes open, you probably have an infection or conjunctivitis and you need to take it to the vet to have it checked out . prescribed the best medicine for your infection, as well as a specific cleanse afterwards.

Whether your treatment is based on eye drops or ointment, the procedure to cure it would be pretty much the same as when you go to clean your eyes. Wrap him in a towel to keep him from moving and hold his head carefully to continue with the treatment. Keep in mind that the treatment must be continued for the days prescribed by the veterinarian , even if there is an improvement sooner, in order to prevent the infection from reappearing. It is essential to use a different gauze for each eye to prevent the infection from spreading from one eye to the other.

To avoid getting this or other infections, keep an eye on your cat’s hygiene more constantly and don’t forget to keep up to date with their vaccinations. To prevent is to cure.

How can I clean my cat’s eyes?

Regular hygiene is key to preventing serious eye infections in your cat. With a few simple steps and very few elements, you can prevent the spread of eye diseases in your cat.

With sterile gauze, saline solution or specialized products, you can keep your cat’s eyes clean to prevent infections and future problems. It helps with daily cleaning in the most delicate areas and keeps your cat healthy. He will be upset, but it will be worth it!

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