Discover 6 Essential Products for Cat Hygiene

Cat hygiene is one of the main characteristics that the species has. Everyone knows that even if they live on the street, cats are always clean because of their constant habit of licking themselves.

But this is not always enough. Despite helping a lot with surface cleaning, cats still need extra care if they want to be completely clean.

When they are domesticated, owners usually prefer to keep the animal clean. Even more so because they move through all rooms and lie not only on beds, but also on sofas, rugs and pillows.

But do you know what are the essential products to perform this hygiene? See below.

How to take care of your cat’s hygiene?

Many tutors believe that because the cat performs its body cleaning alone, they never need to bathe. After all, only saliva and all that licking licks are enough for the hair to be free of any dirt.

However, even if they are independent, tutors can contribute even more to this cleaning. And contrary to what many think, yes, cats can bathe.

Some products end up being fundamental for this contribution. Below, we cite a list of the main ones.

1. Anti-flea cat shampoo

Despite the cleaning that cats do on themselves, if they have any parasites like fleas , they won’t come out with the animal’s cleaning . Therefore, it is necessary for the owner to do a deeper cleaning with appropriate products so that they can remove the fleas.

The ideal is to have shampoos that have the anti-flea formulation so that it can act and kill the fleas. Bathing the cat should not be frequent. Once a month is enough to keep the animal’s skin and fur healthy.

2. Dry shampoo

For those cats that are mortal enemies of water and end up giving a huge amount of work when performing this task, the tutor can also choose to choose dry shampoos.

This type of product has the same function as regular shampoo, only it doesn’t need water to keep the cat’s body clean. That way, the work to bathe can be less.

3. Conditioner for hair

Cats that have a slightly longer coat may suffer  from rough and tangled hair . That’s why, in the bath, passing the proper conditioner for cats is essential both to make them soft, and to untangle and remove excess dead hair.

4. Body splash

The cologne can be applied after bathing and is used to leave the kitten always smelling good. It can also be ironed after dry cleaning, if the shampoo doesn’t smell.

The product does not harm the house or the animal, it is just an aesthetic product to leave the hair fragrant.

5. Balms for cats

In cats that may have wounds in parts of the body or that have dry parts, such as paws, snouts and elbows, the balm can help the animal’s daily life to hydrate and recover the area.

Some balms have a repellent action to prevent flies from getting on the wound and causing infections. The tutor can use whenever he notices dryness or wounds on the kitten.

6. Oral hygiene

The oral hygiene part is also essential to be maintained. So, although brushing your teeth is almost impossible, invest in snacks that fulfill this function.

There are treats that are specially made so that the cat’s teeth are clean and reduce the chances of the appearance of tartar and bad breath, which are the main things that affect the oral health of cats.

The treat should be given daily so that it can go into action and clean while the cat enjoys the product.


What do you need to take care of the cat?

Cats are very independent animals and almost always do not need very specific care. Despite this, there are some things that the owner must do, which cats cannot do alone.

The deworming of the animal is something essential and extremely important for its health to remain strong and away from parasites. Vaccination also leaves the animal free of some common diseases for its species.

In addition, it is also essential that owners wear a flea collar and even put flea medicine on their animals as a prevention.

The house must also have special care, starting with the litter box, which is also part of the cat’s hygiene. Preferring to use a product that doesn’t make as much dirt or leave  strong odors is great for keeping the house clean and the cat comfortable.

There are smell inhibitors that you put on every change of sand. In addition to leaving a pleasant smell, they contribute to a cleaner environment. Cats need always clean places so they can do their business.

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