Cats and the sun: how does the sun affect cats?

Is the sun good for cats?

Just as the sun contributes certain benefits to us, it also has multiple benefits to our companions. For starters, cats are domesticated felines that seek out the warm corners wherever they go, whether indoors or out. Like mammals, they instinctively seek to maintain their body temperature and there is nothing easier than taking refuge in the heat provided by the sun.

Thus, the first benefit is precisely the regulation of body temperature . The body temperature of cats, like that of all mammals, is reduced when they are sleeping because, as the body is still and relaxed, calories are not burned and energy is not expended. To compensate for the difference in temperature while they are still, they always look for heat in the warm areas of the house or in direct sunlight.

The second benefit is the same as that provided by the sun for humans: vitamin D. However, the big difference is that the fur of cats has been shown to act as a kind of protection against ultraviolet rays , so the amount of vitamin D that interferes with their bodies is minimal compared to that of other living beings. Even so, to provide them with the amount of vitamin D they need, it is ideal to supplement it with a good diet suitable for them.

And the third benefit of the sun for cats is simple: they sunbathe for sheer pleasure. It is certainly an action in which cats can sleep freely and at will.

Knowing all this, is the sun really good for cats? Yes, but – and we underline the but – as in the case of humans, it should be done in moderation . Cats can always seek warmth at the foot of the bed, for example, or in other areas of the house, but their sun exposure must be regulated. Even if they like it, it is necessary to keep an eye on them and keep in mind that their fur can protect them, but not completely.

Cats can also suffer from heat , heat stroke , burns, dermatitis or, in more severe cases, squamous cell carcinomas, i.e. skin cancers in cats. This doesn’t usually happen, but it’s worth bearing in mind.

Do cats get sun?

We have definitely proved that it is, as it is a way to regulate your temperature and enjoy a good time. But knowing this, can all cats sunbathe or are there exceptions ?

Can white cats sunbathe?

It should be noted that not all cat breeds are created equal . The fur of our feline companions works as a kind of shield against ultraviolet rays, but it does not protect them completely. Therefore, cats with less hair should not have prolonged exposure to the sun , as well as white cats , who should not be exposed to direct sunlight.

This is because, like humans with fair and delicate skin like children and babies, they are more sensitive to ultraviolet radiation. These cats do not have melanin as a pigment for their fur, which is why special care should be taken if they have white fur to avoid causing any kind of disease in their skin and fur. If not properly treated, they can trigger serious skin problems.

How much sun does a cat need?

While sunbathing is beneficial for most cats , with the exception of non-furred or white cats, sun exposure should be regulated. If possible, it is advisable to keep an eye on the time your cat spends in the sun and avoid peak hours, especially in the extremely hot summer months. It is certainly advisable that our cat does not spend several hours in the sun at a time.

Why do cats like the sun?

Anyone who has lived with a cat knows that they are very sensitive to temperature. They definitely avoid the cold and are hot lovers, so the sun is something they love. Just look at them to see that they like to rest under the rays that pass through the windows, as well as being beneficial to them, as we have already seen.

Now that you know the secrets of why cats like the sun so much, don’t forget to regulate their sun exposure and, if it’s summer, try to take your cat to look for warmth in the corners of the house. Prevent your cat from being exposed to the sun for hours, and enjoy your company!

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