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One of the most common doubts among feline owners is whether the cat takes a bath . These kitties are famous for their particular hygiene habits, aren’t they?

To understand more about it and provide a better quality of life for your pet, keep reading this content!

Can cats take a bath?

The truth is that it is not always necessary to bathe cats. Especially if they are indoors all the time and are perfectly healthy, traditional bathing can be harmful to their health.

Cats are more susceptible to stress . Changes in their daily routines can even lead to the development of illness, for an unaccustomed kitten bathing is a very stressful experience.

The bath removes all the natural protection of the feline’s coat, which is based on the secretions released by the skin and eliminates the animal’s natural smell.

This can cause discomfort , causing you to lick yourself more to get rid of the odor of the products you’ve used. It can even lead to clogs due to the amount of hair it has ingested.

Daily brushing of your cat ‘s fur, on the other hand, is highly recommended. The practice of brushing cats, in addition to preventing the formation of hairballs, results in a more beautiful coat and, as a consequence, reduces the need for a bath.

Brushing should be encouraged from when the cat is a puppy . So that your pet gets used to the routine and benefits from the care it provides.

When should the cat bathe?

The appropriate frequency of baths in cats will depend on their lifestyle and their tutors. Cats that live in screened apartments and do not leave the home environment require fewer visits to the bathroom than those that roam freely on the street.

The most common is that the bath is given only in specific cases where the cat’s own daily cleaning is insufficient, such as when coming into contact with mud, accidents with sticky substances and other similar events.

Pet cats with skin problems , such as dermatitis , can — and should — take therapeutic baths with specific products, always recommended by the vet.

Otherwise, the ideal is to bathe the cat every six months , more or less. Preferably in the warmer seasons, so that the cat does not feel cold when leaving the bath and runs less risk of developing diseases.

Can you bathe the cat every day?

Cats can clean themselves with licks , as their saliva contains a specific enzyme. When you lick yourself, it’s like you’re taking a shower and leaving your scent.

You can even bathe a kitten, just not every day or week. Experts recommend that the cat take a deeper bath every now and then to remove impurities that may have built up.

Dirt from the environment adheres to the skin and fur of the cat, causing the occurrence and, as a consequence, dermatological problems . For this reason, give your furry friend occasional baths to ensure his best health.

The hairless Sphynx cat is prone to seborrhea, so it is recommended to bathe more frequently, weekly or biweekly.

Can you bathe a kitten?

A kitten can be bathed, although it is not advisable for the pet to have a bathing routine in the same way as dogs. The ideal is that the cat only comes into contact with water when it is very necessary, as in cases of skin care.

That’s because, from an early age, cats learn that they must clean themselves meticulously every day. And, using their own tongue, which is specifically made for them to lick for long periods of time.

They are capable of self-cleaning , eliminating all dirt and preventing the presence of parasites. It is for this reason that they do not require as many baths.

There are certain situations in which the feline tongue is not able to clean up so much dirt. Imagine that the puppy, while playing in the garden, fell into a mud puddle.

No matter how many hours he spends licking himself, he will have a hard time cleaning himself completely and will need a good soap and water bath. But keep in mind that by nature cats are quite clean.

No weekly, fortnightly or monthly baths, bathing a kitten only in case of need! From two months , the kitten can bathe at home.

Now, to bathe in a pet shop, he must have had all the vaccines beforehand . Childhood is the period during which a pet is most likely to learn new habits.

An early bathing experience can be ideal for him to get used to and be more relaxed when interacting with water as an adult.

How to bathe a cat?

Bathing a cat is usually a little complicated, most animals don’t like contact with water. This makes bathing a chore full of messes and scratches .

To make this situation easier, we’ll give you some tips on how to make bathing a more pleasant experience for you and your partner:

  • Trim the cat’s nails before bathing him to reduce the chance of scratching .
  • Leave a non- slip mat on the floor to prevent him from slipping and getting scared;
  • Pay attention not to let water get into the cat’s ears;
  • Try to control your emotions, the cat will feel if you are nervous;
  • Before bathing, allow the cat to familiarize itself with the environment, to feel more calm and confident;
  • Invest in special shampoos according to your cat’s coat. Never use human or dog shampoos on the feline;
  • After bathing, dry it well with a towel. You can use a hairdryer, but the noise can scare the cat;
  • Finally, comb the cat and give it a lot of affection!

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