Cat food: 5 tips to choose the best food!

Knowing how to choose food for cats is essential for your cat to grow and develop healthily. Just like us humans, animals need a balanced diet full of nutrients.

As animals mainly use food as their main meal, sometimes owners can have difficulties choosing which type of food is the best to satiate and keep their pet healthy.

To overcome this difficulty, we have separated some informative content here to help you choose the best option on the shelf that suits your pocket and the quality of life your pet deserves. Ready?


What is the best food for cats?

There are several types of food on the market that you can choose from for your pet. But why are there so many options? Just like us, cats have different needs and conditions in their food.

There are cats that need to lose weight, others to gain weight, those that need to increase their nutritional value, those that have organ problems, sensitive cats, and a number of other possible problems.

So, you need to know your cat and know which type of food best meets his needs. Kittens usually have a different diet than adult cats, as well as  neutered and unneutered cats.

The first main point for you to choose a good food is to take your pet to the vet and check if it has any condition that can be improved through a differentiated and specific diet.

If anything, your vet can point you to the foods that would best suit your cat. But if you can’t take your pet to the vet and still want to know how to choose quality food, keep an eye on these tips.

1. Read the label

In each product you will find a different specification for each type of thing. What you should always look for is a feed that contains wholesome and natural ingredients such as fruits, vegetables and high quality carbohydrates , such as rice, oats or potatoes.

Also avoid rations that have the addition of dyes and very exotic ingredients, as they are the ones that have the least research proving the quality of that ingredient.

Cats need food that contains calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D. So always look for that when reading the nutritional value of that food.

2. Protein

Always check foods that contain proteins, as they will be responsible for the growth of cells, organs, tissues, and everything your cat needs to develop well.

Cats usually end up having a preference for a specific type of protein, so you can test several to see which your cat likes best. Among the main ones are:

  • Chicken;
  • Beef;
  • Fish.

Followed by that, we have eggs and plant proteins. So try to balance all these ingredients.

3. Fat

The rations also contain fats. They are vital to give the animal the energy it needs, in addition to structuring cells and contributing to the production of hormones.

Fat protects and insulates the body in order to maintain the health of the animal’s skin. Therefore, choose rations that have nutrients such as: linoleic acid, omega 6 and omega 3 .

4. Amino acid

One very important thing that you need to be aware of is how much amino acids the feed has. This is because the feline organism cannot produce as many essential amino acids in an amount that their organism works well.

Therefore, ingesting them is crucial for the body to continue functioning properly.

5. Wet feed

In addition to conventional food, many cats end up developing kidney problems or lack of hydration due to not ingesting much water. That’s why it’s crucial that you feed your cat wet food as well.

In addition to being very tasty, they end up complementing your cat’s diet. Always remember to refrigerate wet food in case it is left over so it doesn’t spoil.

This type of food will supply the nutritional need that your cat needs and will also contribute to hydration. They have higher levels of protein and fat.

So, if your cat is a little weak, this food will help him regain his strength.


What are the best types of cat food?

In addition to the ingredients that make up the feed, you should also look at the types of feed that exist. Cats tend to be picky about their food , so they can be selective about what you present to them.

There are three types of cat food on the market:

  • Standard;
  • Premium;
  • Super premium.

The standard line is the most popular and its cost is lower, as well as the quality of its proteins, which end up being inferior to the others. They usually have preservatives and dyes in their composition.

In order for the animal to remain satiated, it is necessary that a large portion be served daily.

The premium line has a great cost-benefit ratio. It has many nutrients for your pet to have a healthy diet. Its composition is made with animal and vegetable protein.

The super premium is the most recommended by veterinarians, as it is composed of 100% animal protein, is highly concentrated and is easily absorbed.

It does not have added dyes or preservatives in its formula and therefore does not need the portion offered to the cat to be very large, as it satiates well.

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