16 Facts about Cats: Interesting, Fun, and Weird

Want to know more about cats? Then check out this list of 16 facts about cats. Fun facts about this pet crush we love!

16 facts about cats

1- Millionaire cat

Our first interesting cat fact is about a millionaire. That’s right, there’s a rich kitten in the story.

His name is Blackie , and he was the richest cat in the world. His owner left the inheritance to the handsome because he didn’t want to leave it to any family members. So when he died, the kitten became a millionaire.

With a sum of 7 million pounds, we see that he is indeed a millionaire and lucky cat. This happened in 1988, being a brand to this day.

2- Cats, giraffes and camels

Want to know what these animals have in common? Interestingly, the way of walking. They all follow the same stride sequence.

3- Sleeping cats

Have you noticed that your pet sleeps too much? Know that this is not a disease or anything. On the contrary, the common thing is that cats are really sleepy.

One of the facts about cats that is important for owners to know is that they spend more than 70% of the day… sleeping. Well, sleepy and lazy Garfield is not an exaggeration, they are sleepy indeed.


4- Didga doing tricks

Our fourth fact about cats goes out to those people who think these pets don’t learn tricks. Didga proves otherwise as she can do up to 24 tricks in a minute.

5- Oldest cat in the world

At 38 years and 3 days old, Creme Puff broke the record for the oldest cat in the world.

He lived with his owner, Jake Perry, in Austin, Texas. The owner also owned Grandpa Rex Allen, who was the former record-breaking cat in that category.

Creme Puff lived from 1967 to 2005. What a dream to make our kitties live through all this, isn’t it? Jake could tell the secret so more people can get to this cat fact.

6- Speed ​​of the cat

One of the facts about cats that anyone who has ever seen a cat running around must have wondered. After all, what is the maximum speed that the feline can reach?

He can run up to 50km/h for short distances. This is all thanks to its musculature that can contract and expand like a spring.

They’re really fast, it’s amazing.

7- Cats and Tigers

That both animals are similar you may have already noticed. Tigers often look like just giant cats. Take a look at the video below (which still shows other animals besides tigers) and say if it’s not true:

But this impression and similarity led to a study that confirmed the closeness of the two. The research revealed that cats share 95.6% of genetics with tigers.

That’s why the behaviors are so similar . With DNA so close like this, it couldn’t be otherwise.

8- Cats in Egypt

No way, one of the facts about cats is that they were simply worshiped in ancient Egypt. They were treated as a deity and sacred figure, being seen as gods and venerated as such.

According to Superinteressante , this happened because pets helped the Egyptians deal with a great plague: rats. Because they were predators of these animals that caused so many diseases and inconveniences, they ended up being seen as a blessing.

They were considered members of the family and the adoration was so great that when a cat died, the whole family would shave its eyebrow in honor. Traditions and rituals from antiquity are always interesting.

Another curiosity is that women saw the pet as a beauty reference. Therefore, they tried to imitate their look with makeup. Thus arriving at the famous cat eyeliner.

9- Cats in space

Yes, this beautiful pet has already been to space. Just like monkeys and doguinhos, a kitten has also been outside our planet.

10- Isaac Newton and Cats

You probably know Isaac Newton for his discovery of gravity and its laws. But the funny thing is that there is a legend that the famous scientist was also responsible for… creating the cat doors .

There is a story that he was at Cambridge University conducting experiments. Only his cats got in his way all the time, scratching at the door asking to come in.

As a solution, he called a carpenter and asked to cut two holes in the door. One was for the mother cat and the other for the kitten.

What was the scientist’s most important discovery: gravity or the cat door? Therein lies the question.

11- Mayor Cat

Did you think you’d seen it all so far? Well, know that there is still much more to see in this list of facts about cats. And yes, there is a cat who was mayor for 20 years !

Being democratically elected. He won several elections for being loved by citizens and tourists. It is logical that he did not exercise any legislative power in fact, but the figure was placed as the mayor. This was in the town of Talkeetna in Alaska.

12- The oldest cat in the world

We know that cats are very old in the world. Even more so with all the records of the Egyptians and their worship of them. But in 2004 , a cat older than those of Ancient Egypt was discovered.

A cat grave on the island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean has been found by French archaeologists. So being the historical record of a 9500 year old cat.

So our relationship with the cats started much earlier than we thought. This discovery has a difference of 4000 years from what we imagined.

13- Cat Hearing and Smell

One of the interesting facts about cats is about their hearing and smell. Both senses are more acute than our humans.

Regarding the sense of smell , it is less sensitive than those of dogs. But it’s more than ours, having almost 4 times more olfactory cells than us.

Therefore, their way of perceiving the world through smell is stronger than ours. Influencing the characteristic attitude of the pet of liking to brush and rub itself in the owners and places.

This is not just a show of affection, but also a way to leave your scent in the environment and mark territory. Showing that that place or that object belongs to him.

Now, as for hearing, it is much more powerful than ours. While we only have 6 muscles, the cat has 32. This makes it able to move its ears independently.

14- Biggest breed of cat

The largest breed of cat is the Maine Coon , which are long, furry cats . Therefore, one more of the facts about cats is the record for the largest living domestic cat in the world, which is held by Ludo , a handsome man who is of this breed.

15- Smallest cat in the world

Now, going to the direct opposite, we bring the world’s smallest cat as one of the cat facts.

The smallest cat in the world was a Persian Himalayan male. It measured just 7cm tall and 19cm thick.

He lived in the United States and his owners were Katrina and Scott. He died at the age of six.

16- Cat jump

Finally, we’ve come to the last of our cat facts and it couldn’t be different. One of the most impressive features is precisely him, the cat jump.

This is for the same reason he can reach high speed: due to his musculature. Its contraction and expansion is quite characteristic and unusual, making the pet reach such levels.

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