10 Tips to Take Better Care of Your Cat

In this article I have gathered 10 important tips to improve the quality of life of felines, you who love your kitty and are openly a cat person cannot fail to read.

Tip #1 – Keep the litter box always clean

Cats are extremely clean animals during the day they spend hours “bathing the cat” right? So with the environment they live in, it’s the same thing.

So always clean your cat’s litter box at least once a day and change the litter completely whenever necessary or as recommended by the area manufacturer.

Tip #2 – Regular Vet Consultations

Your cat should visit the vet regularly once a year for a checkup and vaccinations. Taking the cat to the vet regularly will prevent possible future complications.

Tip #3 – Castration

Castration is very important, as it avoids serious diseases and avoids unwanted litters, preventing puppies from being abandoned and thus controlling the population of cats on the street.

Tip #4 – Always Brush Your Cat’s Fur

Brushing your cat’s fur is important, as it reduces the amount of fur during the “cat bath” in addition to keeping the fur more beautiful and healthy.

It is important to search the Pet market for an appropriate brush for feline hair, nowadays there are several models and values.

Tip #5 – Offer a Good Quality Feed

We always hear that we are what we eat, right?

And it’s the purest truth, it wouldn’t be different for our cats, talk to your cat’s veterinarian and seek the best food possible.

This care with food will prevent many possible future diseases.

Tip #6 – Play with Your Cat

Cats love to play, it is important that the tutor seeks to stimulate the cat with games so that the cat has fun and at the same time does physical exercises and spends its energy.

Tip #7 – The Best Way to Keep Your Cat Hydrated

By nature cats don’t usually like standing water, they like to drink running water. If you notice that your kitten is not drinking enough water to provide an ideal water source for Pets, there are many options on the market these days.

Keep the water always clean, fresh, protected from the sun and place the pot in a place where the kitten usually goes, this will encourage the kitten to drink more water.

An also very important tip is to place the water pot away from the feed pot, because in nature cats do not feed in the same area that they drink water.

Tip #8 – Always Keep Your Cat Indoors

In Pak, there is a culture that says that cats are independent animals, but to leave the house alone they are certainly not.

There are many dangers on the streets unfortunately such as, for example, being run over, dog attacks, poisoning, dangerous diseases that they can acquire on the streets like Fiv and Felv, attacks made by the population and unfortunately many other dangers.

A cat that lives indoors lives better and much longer than a cat that has access to the street. The cat needs to be safe inside the house and it is the responsibility of the tutor to ensure the safety of the kitty, say no to the rides.

Tip #9 – Beware of Toys Not Suitable for Cats

In the past, it was common to let the cat play with materials that were not appropriate, for example, the ball of yarn, but nowadays it is already known that this material represents a risk to the lives of cats.

So be careful with toys not suitable for cats, they can swallow and this can lead to a serious health problem. Always look for toys suitable for cats.

Tip #10 – Gatification

Catification is nothing more than a new word to define the idea of ​​adapting the environment for kitties.

Cats like to stay up high, in the wild they would climb tall trees to hunt and even to sleep. So it is interesting to enrich the environment with shelves on the wall suitable for cats and thus make the kittens more adapted and entertained.

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